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Pick Up Fresh Specialty Prepared Seafood at Our Shop

We have a wide selection of seafood for sale in Estherwood, LA

Want to cook a fresh catch for dinner tonight? Then it's time to visit Mikey's Seafood & Specialty Meats in Estherwood, LA. We have plenty of fresh specialty prepared seafood for you to enjoy.

Our local specialty seafood shop has classic options like:


Stuffed fish

Flounder and red flounder



Crab meat



Lobster tails

Come by our local seafood shop to grab your next meal today.

Snow Crab
Jumbo Shrimp
Seasoned Tuna Steak

Your go-to shop for local delicacies

Along with our classic options, we have some unique specialty prepared seafood you won't find at most stores. For instance, we have fresh snapping turtle and alligator meat available for you to buy.

Trying to go vegan or vegetarian? We also sell imitation crab meat. That way, you can make vegan versions of your favorite seafood dishes.

Call us at 337-514-1844 to see what other seafood we have for sale.