From Local Farms to Your Table

Shop our selection of locally sourced specialty meats in Estherwood, LA

Are you tired of buying low-quality meat from mysterious sources at the supermarket? Then it's time to visit Mikey's Seafood & Specialty Meats in Estherwood, LA. We sell locally sourced specialty meats and quality prepared specialty seafood.

You can choose from a wide variety of chicken, pork and beef dishes that are ready for you to cook at home. We also have plenty of seafood, ranging from classic shrimp and crawfish to alligator and snapping turtle meat.

Our full list of services includes:

  • Fresh specialty prepared meats
  • Fresh specialty prepared seafood
  • Local farm-to-table seafood dishes
  • Fresh specialty meat hot plates
  • Contact us today to learn more about our locally sourced specialty meats and quality specialty seafood.

    Why shop with us?

    At Mikey's Seafood & Specialty Meats, we believe getting high-quality food shouldn't be a hassle. Our store always stocks farm-to-table specialty foods that are sourced from local providers.

    Our customers love shopping with us because we:

    • Have over 15 years of industry experience
    • Provide friendly customer service
    • Have a team of over 20 helpful employees
    • Keep our prices fair and affordable

    Call us to learn more about our current selection of meats and seafood available.

    New Module

    Ditch your bland and boring lunch food

    Along with selling cold meats and seafood, we provide hot plate items for lunch. Each dish is made-to-order using fresh ingredients. Our flavorful dishes are the perfect grab-and-go dish to get you through your day. You can choose to dine with us or take your meal to go in a travel box.